Building a Minimalist Home with Low Budget


In planning the construction of a home is necessary to make estimates of funds for the determination of the budget to be issued. The estimated cost budget in home building planning will be helpful in estimating how much cost is predictive. For example, if you want to build a minimalist house type 36 with completeness of 3 bedrooms. At least you need expenses with a nominal above 50 million rupiah or even more. If you want to build a minimalist house with one floor would be much cheaper than a two-story minimalist house. This is a general overview of the costs that should be incurred in the estimation of building a house.

Estimated funds with the nominal price as already mentioned can still be minimized with special tricks. So your desire to build a minimalist house will be realized only with a budget of 50 million rupiah. If you want to build a minimalist house with type 36 for 50 million rupiah, certainly needed the right design and careful planning. In realizing the dream to build a minimalist house with an estimated 50 millions of funds would be very difficult in this all-expensive era, if you do not understand the trick in minimizing expenditure in building a minimalist home.

The design of a minimalist house with one floor has now become an alternative solution for the middle to lower class community to own a house. Minimalist home design also has its own plus value of the cost to be issued with a relatively affordable nominal. In addition you also do not have to worry, the design of a minimalist home both interior and exterior has now been much to refer to the design of modern homes. All you can realize only with a nominal range of 50 million IDR.

Building a Minimalist Home

In an effort to build a house with nominal number 50 million IDR, which need to be considered include:
soil flatness factor that will be built house. Try to keep the land flat, not wavy and less. Soil flattening factor will affect the process of making the foundation in building a minimalist house.

Next determine the size of the land that is adjusted to the number of rooms to be erected. For example in the bedroom, toilet, kitchen, living room, living room, and others.

Then the accuracy of the selection of the roof form of the house for minimalist home design also needs to be considered. For example, if you will use a flat roof cast, of course, the cost will be much larger than the 50 million budget you have. Basically skill in making sketch design of house in the form of example of minimalist house image will be very helpful in effort to build this minimalist house.

Estimate the funds as detailed and as detailed as possible in the operation of the house you will build.

Then the next thing to do is prepare the building materials home. In this step it should be before you have to have the details of expenditure until really detailed so that your expenses will be much more controlled.
So some things about the effort to build a minimalist house with budjet ranged 50 millions Idr. You should also need to discuss with many architects or anyone who qualified in the field of housing, especially in terms of minimize spending in building your dream home. Hopefully this article is useful and you can work on building your dream home as soon as possible.


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